February 21, 2013

Veterinary Visiting Hours

I have a sick dog living at the vet clinic.  He had emergency surgery earlier this evening, and by the time he was awake, the day staff was ready to go home, so I didn't impose and demand to see him.  He's been there since midday Wednesday and I miss the little guy.  On top of which, the prognosis is still pretty guarded, so I will have one of those sleepless nights, praying that the phone doesn't ring.

Being optimistic, I am planning on calling them first thing and asking when I can come give the little fella a skritch.  I realize that it is more important to me than him, but I need something to look forward to.


Anonymous said...

Let us know when you get to skritch him. Wish you both the best.

Harper said...

The brown hound is hanging in there. Might get to see him for a bit in the morning. Will update.