February 16, 2013

The Whine Generation

Well, it took about 5 minutes before the first lawsuit was filed over the conditions on the Carnival cruise ship, Triumph.

Quite frankly, I think those people should put their big boy pants on and get over it.

Now, I can sympathize with those that had lost wages, or incurred additional hardships due to the delay in returning to shore.  But, suing for being "inconvenienced"?  GMAFB.

If you were rolled off the ship on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance due to injury caused by the conditions, I might listen to some of your complaints.  But, for those able-bodied people that chose to get on a floating buffet for their vacation, never thinking that if an accident happens, it is likely to result in unpleasant conditions due to the fact that YOU ARE ON A BOAT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN, what the hell did you expect?!

What really cracks me up is all of the people pictured in, what clearly are, Carnival robes, or holding up towels on which they have written some pithy 'I Survived' sort of declaration.  How about, 'I survived and ripped off some linens in the process!"?

I am sure that wading through sewage, or not having air conditioning was probably life changing for some of those people.  I would bet it is a change they needed.  Perseverance, tolerance, and adaptability are good character traits, I hope some of those folks learned a measure of it.

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