February 23, 2013

The wait begins.

Some of you fine folks are my Facebook friends.  If so, you might have noticed the photo I posted, of the target from my CHL shooting test. 

I didn't shoot great, but, for better or worse, you don't have to be a great shot to qualify to carry a concealed handgun in the great state of Texas.  (At least there is a shooting test).

I have lots of excuses - mostly that I have had tendonitis in my wrist for a couple of weeks.  I just knew it was going to hurt to shoot.  It did.  I anticipated.  I switched to a bigger gun and we mixed some dummy rounds in to combat the flinch.  Then I muscled through the little shocks of nerve pain and was proud enough of my effort in the end. 

We do have one more classroom session and the written test, but I am not really worried about that - it is primarily about the law, and stupid parts of the law in particular, and I have stupid mastered.  Seriously, one of the questions is about the only approved colors for the CHL test target.

The state uses a fingerprint capturing company that is making them a pile of money, I suppose.  Even those with FBI fingerprints on file have to be fingerprinted again.  And there is ONE company that coordinates it, with a limited number of locations and appointments.  The first appointment available within 40 miles of my house was March 6th. 

Barring any complications, my completed application documents should go in the mail that same day.  The state is supposed to turn the plastic card around to me within 60 days, but a couple of friends that did their class together had wildly different situations while waiting for their license - from 29 days to over 90.  I am prepared for the worst, but hoping for the best. 

In the meantime, shopping for a carry gun.  Girls just don't have as many places to conceal a gun as the guys do.


CenTexTim said...

FWIW, I was pleasantly surprised at the quick turn-around time when I renewed my CCL last year.

As for girls not having as many places to conceal a gun as guys, I beg to differ. Check out this link.

Harper said...

Those bra holsters don't work nearly as good as they appear to. There always seems to be a perky girl with store bought ta-tas at the gun shows, gleefully lifting her shirt to show her holster tucked in Victoria's secret. It doesn't always work that way for more mature women with some mileage on the funbags. Blame the kids, blame gravity, hell, blame Bush - things just aren't as far north as they used to be.

Kidding aside, statistically, in an attack situation, women are usually taken from behind, with the attacker 'hugging' them. My chances of reaching a front side, waist-level or lower, holster with my arms pinned at my sides are probably better than getting my hand up my (possibly tucked in) shirt.