February 24, 2013

Snow Plowed

I spent the first 15 years of my life in Kansas.  My mom was a single parent for most of that time, and, like many kids of that era, I served many 'job' positions in the household, including snow shoveler and garage door opener.

In what seems a foreign concept to my children, who have spent most of their formative years in north Texas, if it snowed during the school day, or if I was out of school due to snow, I had to make sure the driveway was clear by the time my mom got home from work (at which time she would pull in and honk, signaling the need for the garage door opener to operate).

While it seemed selective at the time, I am sure that the timing of our street being plowed actually had more to do with a schedule that spent the earlier part of the day clearing the more heavily traveled streets in preparation for rush hour, before plowing the solely residential ones.  Regardless, it generally meant that around 5 pm, just as I was hanging the shovel up and thinking of a steaming mug of hot chocolate, the plow would come down the street and push a mound of heavily packed ice and snow chunks into the driveway.

My mother always owned vehicles that were ridiculously poor choices for the climate, and the two that spanned my shoveling days were a Datsun 280ZX and an IROC Camaro - both low to the ground and barely able to clear the driveway curb, much less the height of the plow's snow bank.  So I was back out there as soon as the plow came down the street, working furiously to get at least one side of the drive cleared before my mom came down the street.

While I really don't wish ill will on anyone (well, except select politicians), I am glad that this guy was made an example of.  I think he personifies, what most of us believe to be, the character of snow plow drivers.

(He removed his YouTube video after being fired, but there are bits of it within the story)

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