February 20, 2013

Six Degrees of the Blogosphere

I'm a bad blogger in the sense that I don't really pursue reciprocating links with blogs that I read frequently.  I have linked to those that I have met, and any that have straight up asked - 'cause I have nothing against it, I just don't have time to build a big bloggy link list and go begging for people to link to me.  This exercise started as blogs were originally intended, a personal outlet of my own, an internet diary of sorts.

Like almost anyone who stops here frequently, with a similar daily reads list, I read a bunch of "gun blogs".  I like the stories, I appreciate the reviews, I share in most opinions as to the repression of our Constitutional rights.  I don't know any of the gun bloggers personally, but I have met some friends of friends.

Today, at a defensive shooting class, the instructor asked if any of us read any specific internet sites or blogs.  When I answered in the affirmative, he asked for specifics, and then mentioned people by their "real" names and professions, as opposed to their internet handles, as he is personally acquainted with them.  I learned that one blogger that I enjoy lives just up the road, and that the exploits he writes about happen much closer to home than I would have imagined.  After exchanging stories with my instructor today, I am left wondering who he is...in the world of internet aliases, I mean.  He clearly frequents several of the same sites, and he most certainly is the sort that would comment often. 

Also checking the memory to make sure I didn't get in any flame wars with anyone on a gun blog...

I have to admit to being one of those that was full of scorn for things of a personal nature back when Gore first invented the internet.  I still don't cotton much to the idea of internet dating, or the unsavory things that are out there for any kid or lunatic to see.  But, I have met some kick ass people on this thing, and some days it serves as a reminder to how small this big world can be, when people with similar interests find a place where they can meet like-minded people and become friends, of a sort, whether or not they ever get to meet face to face.

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