February 28, 2013

Shut 'er down

In 1995, the government "shut down".  I was youngish then, and was really only affected by the fact that it took nearly two month to receive my passport for an upcoming trip overseas.  I really don't know how similar sequestration measures are, in comparison to the things that shut down in '95 and '96, but imagine that they are quite similar as far as being inconsequential.

Whited re-tweeted someone yesterday with a quote to the effect of "if sequestration were applied to Chris Christie, he would have to lose 12 ounces".

Heh.  Perfect illustration, I think.  The looming sequestration is simply a ploy, used by all sides to try to get what they want.  Does anyone remember where we were, one year ago?  Facing a government shutdown on March 4th, if there wasn't an agreement on extending the continuing resolution.  And, in a poll of politicians one year ago, Dims looked to benefit most from letting the shutdown happen:
"The Republicans look awful if there's a government shutdown and they are seen to have caused it," said one GOP Insider. "I remember how the last shutdown went and find it impossible to believe this one could go any better," said another.
Indeed, several recalled how a new Republican House Speaker empowered by a huge victory in the midterm elections was outmaneuvered by a first term Democratic President. "As Bill Clinton proved, the president has the bully pulpit in these situations, something Newt Gingrich never recovered from," recalled a GOP Insider. Another cautioned of the possible shutdown: "We always think it's a good idea until we do it and get our butt kicked when real people start suffering for it."
Democrats, meanwhile, were much more sanguine about the prospects of a shutdown and some seemed to even welcome one. "A shutdown will force middle income [families] to see how much government does to enhance the lives of ordinary Americans," said one Democratic Insider. "So far, Republicans have convinced everyone that government does nothing."
 I, personally, don't give two shits.  I don't live my life, plan my budget, or schedule my activities in any way that will be harmed by the laughable cuts forced by sequestration.  This is a political game, and smart Americans will continue to live their lives with little need for the drama of D.C. 

Shut downs, sequestrations - they are simply the new black in the great game of politics.    

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