February 3, 2013


I went to bed last night with a heavy heart upon hearing the news that Chris Kyle and a man named Chad Littlefield had been murdered. 

Chris Kyle is a former Navy SEAL, a sniper - one of the best.  He went to high school in Midlothian, a classmate of a family member, and friend to many that I know.  He served our country valiantly and, after making the decision to leave the military to spend more time with his family, continued to serve the public by training military, law enforcement, and the public. 

Chris Kyle leaves behind a wife and two children.  Chad Littlefield, I am certain, leaves behind a loving family that I look forward to hearing about in the coming days.  Chris Kyle recently visited my office - and there was an appropriate amount of hero-worship as he completed his business and then graciously autographed copies of his book.  Most in my office are shooters, and have a great deal of admiration for the sort of marksmanship that Kyle is famous for. 

Kyle's company, Craft International, holds their local events and trainings at Rough Creek Lodge, a lovely resort southwest of Glen Rose, Texas.  Even Fox News is running the story with a headline that sensationalizes the location of the murders, the bold type screaming out "GUN RANGE" and ignoring that this was an event location that served as Mr. Kyle's workplace.  The left is gleeful, yet again, for two more graves to dance upon in relation to their gun control argument.

These murders were senseless and can be blamed solely on the lunatic that pulled the trigger.  So help me God, if any liberal wonk in my vicinity tries to say otherwise, they will wish they hadn't.  Rest in peace, Mr. Kyle and Mr. Littlefield, and God bless your families.


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CenTexTim said...

As I understand it, the shooter was a vet with PTSD who Chris and Chad were trying to help. Tragically ironic...