February 6, 2013

Saturday Mail

The US Postal Service is going to stop delivering mail on Saturdays.  They will deliver packages, but not letter mail, a move that they estimate will save $2 billion a year.

While I don't get nearly as much mail as I once did, I usually have something in the box each delivery day.  Most of it goes straight in the recycle bin, since I don't bother to open the junk. 

I can understand that, on the surface, it would make sense that cutting a delivery day saves money.  Except that they are still delivering packages.  They might not be stopping at every house, but they are likely driving by a large percentage of them to deliver a box.  While they aren't delivering letter mail, it is still coming in and being processed, sorted and readied for delivery, meaning a heavier workload for the Monday crew.

Could this mean that, gasp!, the USPS will somehow become more efficient, or should we kiss any expectation of a reasonable letter delivery time, goodbye?

And do you think they will get any friendlier with the change?

1 comment:

CharlieDelta said...

No matter what USPS does, they will be the model of inefficiency...