February 9, 2013


Crash reluctantly returned the 'treasure chest sweatshirt' yesterday morning.  When I say reluctantly, I mean I force-marched his butt to the classroom and made him face the music.  The first go-round he got about three steps from his teacher, did an about face and made a break for the door, with me jumping to block his escape.

In his defense, I learned that the sweatshirt in question has been unclaimed in the class for a couple of weeks, and when the teacher held it up and asked if anyone knew who it belonged to, several people piped up and said it was Crash's.  I am sure there was considerable inner turmoil as his 5-year old mind tried to reconcile a way to keep an object that he wanted, and had the blessing of his classmates and teachers to keep, but that he knew wasn't his and mom was going to call him on it.

Also in his defense, and as a commentary on the sad state of society, his teacher, when I told her the fantastic tale (lie) he had presented to try to keep the shirt (that he was trying to steal), commented that 'Crash is so creative!'.  Bah.


Am I the only one that thinks the people who investigated the Super Bowl blackout should be handed the Benghazi investigation?  Less than a week has passed and they know (or at least have placed blame on) a specific part and are in the process of replacing it.


Today the Wookie is traveling to her hometown to attend the funeral of a girl she never met, based upon the supposition that because the girl was one of hundreds of people that performed at inauguration related events, she is somehow intimately connected to the president, and that official representation is called for.  Standby for gratuitous photo op moments of our caring first lady comforting a family that lost a child to senseless Chicago gun violence.  Cue the violins and gun control sound bites.

Yesterday, over 1,000 Americans attended the funeral of Chad Littlefield.  Monday thousands upon thousands of people will attend the memorial service for Chris Kyle, being held at Cowboy's stadium due to the expected size of the crowd.  The funeral procession from Midlothian to Austin is expected to draw thousands more, lining the roadways and overpasses along I-35.  Patriot Guard riders, VFW posts, and school groups (using school-donated buses for travel) will be among those lining the route.

I doubt that anyone would welcome the Obamas to Texas for these services, but what does it say about our leadership, that the First Lady is attending the funeral of a child that she never met, while there is no representation at the memorials for an American war hero and his friend that helped and supported veterans?

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