February 21, 2013

Lookout Tom Kruse...

Federal authorities executed a search warrant at The Scooter Store's New Braunfels headquarters this morning.
About 150 law enforcement officials, including from the FBI, the Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Texas Attorney General's office, were at the company's offices.
Most employees at the headquarters were directed to leave the premises.
Wow.  I can't say that I am surprised that they were potentially doing something wrong, I am, however, surprised that the OIG might actually be cracking down on Medicare fraud.
It only takes one sick day, lounging on the couch and watching network television, to see how many companies are exploiting various loopholes or lack of oversight, to provide our geriatric community with scooters, diabetic supplies, adult diapers, and prescription drugs.  
I, personally, have a fondness for the Hoveround. It is "round for a reason".  Yeah, so grandpa doesn't gouge the walls or take you out at the ankles coming around the corner.  How long before the FBI comes knocking on their door?
I feel bad for any elderly people who are eagerly awaiting their personal mobility vehicle that may never arrive.  If they can't get around, they are likely to sit in front of daytime television programming and buy something from the Bradford Exchange while they apply for a reverse mortgage.

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