February 15, 2013

I want my fair share!

I have been shopping for a new weapon.  I am taking my time, trying out many friend's handguns and visiting various shops.  I have had a touch of tendonitis in my wrist, which is complicating things - I don't want to develop a flinch, since it hurts every time I tighten my grip.  Plus, I am a girl, which naturally means it takes me forever to make up my mind (hmph).

Mr. Harper had planned on the purchase being my Valentine's Day gift.  Instead, I got an IOU in my card and a lovely box of chocolates from him and the kiddos.  We don't do big V-Day, just token items.  We went out for a casual family dinner, choosing a local burger joint over a nicer restaurant to avoid the smoochy crowds.

I was perfectly content with my middle class celebration until I read about the president's V-Day dinner.  An estimated $900!  Holy crap - and that was just for food and drink.  Earlier in the day, while making an appearance at a school that actually had to interrupt their mid-February break and come to work to accommodate him, Obama remarked that getting the Wookie flowers was easy, because he has a rose garden.  I believe that is the taxpayer's rose garden, Mister.

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