February 18, 2013


Blowie spent the weekend golfing in Florida, while the Wookie and first daughters went skiing at some undisclosed location.  Incidentally, Biden and family are in Colorado for a ski weekend, leaving me wondering who is minding the store, if you will.

Blowie golfed the 115th round of his presidency yesterday, teeing off with none other than Tiger Woods and Floridian club owner Jim Crane.  Saturday's round with Butch Harmon joining the president's group for several holes makes all the more sense now. 

Before he headed out to golf, Blowie gave a speech about violence in Chicago.  In what seems to be some twisted, tragic pattern, there has been another violent Chicago death.  A Chical teenager was gunned down just hours after her sister attended Blowie's speech.  This, just a week after his wife attended the funeral of a teenage girl that was a shooting victim shortly after performing at an inaugural event. 

I am hoping that the president figures out that his speeches do little to stop violence.  In fact, around my house, they incite it.

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