February 4, 2013


It makes me sick to my stomach, if I think about the myriad ways this president has defiled and degraded the Office.  The Obamas have no couth, no class, and they don't seem to have any advisors that give good advice.

Case in point:  our economy is in the toilet, millions of Americans are out of work, we are at war, and there is a little boy being held hostage by a lunatic in Alabama.  I don't care if you watch the Super Bowl, Mr. President.  I don't even care if you have a party.  What you don't do is announce it to the world.  You don't publish your high-falutin' menu choices. 

And in your traditional pre-game interview, you should say things that encourage all Americans, not pick subjects that are highly divisive. 

Though I didn't see it aired during the game, this commercial always reminds me of Blowie - he looks ridiculous, lacks skill, is passing his shortcomings on to a younger generation, and has no clue how big of a buffoon he really is:

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CharlieDelta said...

Another commercial to make the white male look like an idiot. I knew I didn't watch TV for a reason...