February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday State of the Union

I am too lazy to figure out if the State of the Union address has ever taken place on Fat Tuesday before.  It is the Speaker of the House who sets the date, so blame Boehner, if the timing bothers you.

It seems kind of fitting to me, Obama's first term was four years of reckless, drunken sailor-sort of spending, partying all the time, traveling, and showing his ass (though not for the right reasons). 

I kind of like the parallels.  One last juicy, pork filled dream of a speech, with big dreams of recovery, prosperity, and a sense of revelry.  I hear that The Nuge will be in attendance.  His potential outbursts could put the whole 'You Lie' thing to shame.  Not quite the same as what people have to do to get the good beads, but it could be just as entertaining.

The parallel I really like is the one that is a pipe dream - the aftermath, if you will, of Fat Tuesday, is Lent, a time for sacrifice, reflection, penance, and prayer.  Traditionally, those that celebrate Mardi Gras will indulge to excess on Fat Tuesday, and then begin their Lenten season of sacrifice the next day.  It looks like Obama has no intention of cutting back, heck, Pelosi and Carney can't even seem to agree on whether or not there is a need to cut back on spending.

Only one thing is for certain.  This Fat Tuesday SOTU is a great reason to print out a bingo card, mix up some Hurricanes, and say to yourself, "Four down, three to go."  That is either SOTU speeches or drinks - your choice.

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