February 7, 2013

Do I live in a bubble?

I am a voracious reader of the news.  I think there is a little more to be gleaned from a written story, stripping away the tone and inflection used by television news readers.  But, my schedule doesn't always allow me to get my fill of written stories during the week, so I supplement with radio news.  It is there that I am subjected to the soundbites of people who's voices grate on my nerves - Obama, Pelosi, Feinstein, etc.

Over the past several weeks, I keep hearing variations of a phrase that I can't reconcile with my world.  I have heard those mentioned above, when talking about more taxes and more gun control, say things like, "an overwhelming number of Americans support this" and "the majority of Americans agree".

How do they know that?  Was there some national poll that I missed?

I concede that I live in bright red, conservative, gun loving state - but I have friends, family, and business acquaintances all around the country.  So where is it that I would need to go to find this majority of people?

I honestly could round up every person I know to be left of center, gather them on the sidewalk, and casual passersby of a conservative variety would outnumber the liberal, at least 30 to 1.

Is my home town and state really that disconnected from the rest of the country?


CenTexTim said...

"Do I live in a bubble?"

Short answer - yes and no.

Take a look at this. You're not in a bubble - the liberals are. They're mostly concentrated in urban areas - city bubbles, if you will.

The second factor is the overwhelming media bias. They cherry-pick data and statistics to support their point of view. Then they use loaded adjectives to further emphasize their points.

The third factor is self-selection. I also have some liberal friends, but not as many as I used to (usually by mutual consent). We tend to associate with people who share our values and beliefs, so it's not surprising that most of your acquaintances lean to the right.

Bottom line - take everything you read and hear with a large helping of salt...

kerrcarto said...

The Destroyer is a liar. Pure and simple.

He could walk into a room, look you straight in the eye and tell you he is not there straight faced and serious.