January 11, 2013


My job is full of perks.  We dress casually, we come and go as we please, we have a gorgeous office facility, we have the ability to work away from the office, we have the flexibility to bring our kids if/when there is a childcare situation, and we get along like one big family.

Those last two perks are haunting me today.  Like any family, there are a few outliers.  People who don't have the same values, work ethic, or common sense.  In my building we have frequent young visitor due to some child care challenges.  She spent most of Christmas break hanging out in her mom's office.  First week that she is scheduled to go back to school and she woke up with a fever on Tuesday.  She spent most of Tuesday on a pallet on the floor of her mom's office resting and watching movies.

Yesterday she spent most of the day hurling in our office restroom.  Loudly.  Violently.  With all of the precise aim one would expect from an ill 7-year old.

Her mom isn't terribly inclined to clean up messes. Or being maternally sympathetic or comforting.  Or keeping her contagious kid away from others.

The poor child came into my office three times, snot and tears of the post-vomit variety streaming down her face.  She looked horrible, clearly felt horrible, and I felt bad for her - but, sheesh, get the hell out of my office.  Don't touch my stuff!  It amazes me how kids bounce back for a few minutes after throwing up...enough to raid my candy dish and play with my adding machine before running for the bathroom again.

We ran out of Lysol and Clorox wipes around noon.  I am going back this morning, armed with a plethora of germ killing items, having doused myself in hand sanitizer upon leaving the office and washing everything when I walked in the door at home, in what I hope will not be a vain attempt to leave the crud at the office.

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