January 4, 2013

Lone Gator

Florida lost the Sugar Bowl game, 33-23 to Louisville on Wednesday.  At the end of the game, only one player walked over to the band section to sing the school Alma Mater, this guy, Darrin Kitchens:

From what I read in the article, like many schools, from junior high to college, the players usually gather near the band to sing the school song at the end of the game.  This article does specify that Florida usually does it for wins, but one would think that the effort was worth making for the end of season bowl game, no matter the final score.

My hat is off to Mr. Kitchens, whatever his motivation was - be it school spirit, commitment to team, pride in his season, self-service, he was the only player that cared enough to stand on the field, sing the Alma Mater, and support the band.  That is the mark of a true sportsman.