January 16, 2013


I once read somewhere that lying is a form of disrespect.

In the words of the late Rodney Dangerfield, I get no respect.

At home, I have the little ones who are just learning right from wrong, who tell such outrageous lies that it is clear that they really mean no harm - they are just learning about honesty (and self-preservation) but haven't quite figured out that mom knows better anyway.  There are a couple of others in my family that are older and know better, but have chosen to disrespect and insult me by spinning their tales. 

At work, there is a guy that can't tell the truth.  I like to call him on it.  He tries to manipulate with lies, as if no one would ever think to question what he says.  He also tells the sorts of lies that could only be believed by a moron - so he obviously thinks I am stupid, and not worthy of the truth.  Or he is a compulsive liar and can't help himself.  Bless his heart, that must be it.

On a larger scale, I have a government and a president that clearly meet the definition of pathological liars.  They live in an alternate reality and believe the crap that comes out of their mouths.  They treat the American public like a bunch of mouth-breathing buffoons who aren't even capable of reading a bill to understand what is in it, without first making the bill a law.  (Can you believe that really happened?)

I don't recall ever feeling so helpless or hopeless about my country's leadership.  I can find hundreds of thousands of like-minded people, yet we can't seem to elect representatives that stand up for truth, respect, and being true to their word.

When you look at how the grown ups act, it's no wonder we are raising generations of kids that think lies are the convenient way out of a difficult situation.

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