January 3, 2013

If no one is holding the pen...

...is it still a 'signature'?

Since the president returned to the Hawaiian beaches and golf courses, he can't be bothered with actually signing bills into law.
President Barack Obama's staff used an autopen (a machine that mimics one's signature) to sign the "fiscal cliff" legislation that Congress passed on New Year's Day. There was no ceremony or photo-op for the autopen bill signing.
Anytime that the White House provides a legal opinion justifying their actions, I think we should all wonder what the hell they are up to.
The pool reporter sends along a link to a "Department of Justice legal brief on the subject" of bills being signed by the autopen. Here's the link, which says, according to the memo from a deputy assistant attorney general in the George W. Bush administration, that the practice is legally fine in theory.  
George W. Bush, though, never signed a bill with an autopen. Obama has now done it 3 times.
Why not sign the bill?  Why employ an autopen for one document, while making your pen and writing hand available for another on the same day?
The reporter specifically notes that another bill, a defense bill, was physically signed by the president himself yesterday.

Sheesh, Blowie has now soaked us for an extra round trip to Hawaii this holiday season, purportedly so that he could broker the fiscal cliff deal, yet he can't be bothered with (or wants no credit or blame for) signing the bill into law. 

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InsomniacSeeker said...

He is a jackass. I'm really surprised he didn't keep his smug face in the states long enough for that photo opportunity. Jackass.