January 27, 2013

From the mouths of babes

From The Princess' teacher in her weekly e-mail to parents:
I hope you have heard a bit from your child about our unit, covering types of government structures, over the past few weeks. This has been an exciting unit for the kids and we have been overjoyed with the many connections being made regarding laws and government representatives. It is clear that you shared many interesting details about the elections in your homes this year.
I would really like to hear the 4th grade interpretation of 'interesting details about the elections'.  One of the kids in the class lives in a home that helped host a fundraiser for Mitt Romney when he visited.  Another parent (a mom) recently stood in the foyer expounding on her imagined use of her CCW, should someone try to harm the children while she was on campus.  A couple families in the class have mentioned that they live in gated communities, not because of the security and exclusivity they provide today, but because when the revolution comes, those communities have a greater chance of fending off the looters and squatters.

Interesting details, indeed.

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