January 14, 2013

FOD T minus 209

Golf count still at 113 (home from Hawaii and D.C. ain't a year-round golfing spot)

It seems clear that Obama has three goals for his second term.  Guns, illegals, and giving himself unlimited credit.  Two of those goals seem likely to be obtained from a thorough raping of our Constitution through executive order.

I am not sure, exactly, on what grounds this administration and the president feel that they can cast aside the very basis of our government - a system of checks and balances - and continue to force things upon the American people while ignoring 278 +/- duly elected representatives that generally vote conservatively. 

They are coming for the guns, no doubt.  Though one wonders what the average number of guns per capita will be by the time they get their new laws in place.  Gun sales are at record highs, some ammo prices have tripled in the last six weeks, ARs are nearly impossible to find, and many manufacturers are still working to produce the weapons for orders they took last spring. 

Liberals want to argue the etymology of the words used in our Constitution, but I have yet to meet anyone who can explain to me why military members take an oath that swears to support and defend the Constitution against "all enemies, foreign and domestic" - define the 'domestic' for me, libby.  They hang up on whether those domestic enemies are a literal or figurative description of what was, or what could be.

Illegal immigrants are likely to get a broad pass on breaking our laws, with Blowie ramming through one enormous (you have to pass it to find out what is in it) sort of bill.  I know a few people that have come to our country, documented and not.  I can tell you that the ones that are here legally sure as hell don't want their illegal countrymen to skate by.  I can also tell you that the illegals I know have little interest in going on the grid.  Instead of crafting legislation that would address youth brought into our country by their parents, skilled workers that are needed in our country, or letting migrant workers help out during harvests, Blowie is gonna welcome them all with open arms.

The debt ceiling fight will be over before it starts.  They are already setting the stage, so that it will seem that Blowie is left with no choice but to 'save' us by circumventing congress and raising the debt ceiling AGAIN, without curbing spending.

What's the definition of insanity?


kerrcarto said...

It seems clear that Obama has three goals for his second term. Guns, illegals, and giving himself unlimited power.

There I fixed it. ;~)

Harper said...

Thanks! Wouldn't surprise me to see him try to end term limits for the president.