January 28, 2013

FOD 207 to go...

I saw a Facebook post of a photo of a young girl, with a caption that read something like this:
My father survived the attack in Benghazi, but my mom says we can't talk about it.
During Hillary's testimony comedy routine last week, she did mention that there were upwards of 30 people that ESCAPED the embassy when it was attacked.  She also said she had only managed to speak with ONE of those people - so as not to interfere with the other "investigations" that were being conducted.

I am no expert on the diplomatic corps.  I really don't know much about how our 3-letter organizations operate (except for the IRS, they just screw us).  The phrasing keeps changing, but I have seen the 25-30 evacuees referred to as "diplomatic staffers" and "State Department personnel".  Five of the survivors are State Department Diplomatic Security Agents.  Are the rest all CIA? 

Is there any other explanation (outside of conspiracy theories) for why none of the survivors of the attack have been named, seen, or heard from?

And, again, I am fuzzy on the details, but, are we supposed to staff our embassies with CIA operatives?  Have four men died, and the American public been lied to, so our government can cover up their covert spy missions that operate under the guise of our embassies?

You can read this, this, or this for the background.

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