January 21, 2013

FOD 1460

National debt when Obama took office: $10.6 trillion
National debt today: More than $16.4 trillion

Number of people in poverty in 2009: 43.6 million
Number of people in poverty in 2011: 46.2 million

Unemployment rate in December 2008: 7.3 percent
Unemployment rate in December 2012: 7.8 percent

Number of Americans collecting federal disability insurance when Obama took office: 7,442,377
Number of Americans  collecting federal disability insurance 2012: 8,827,795

Number of people on food stamps 2008: 28.2 million
Number of people on food stamps 2012: 47.5 million

Flights on Air Force One: 836
Flights on Marine One: 801

Golf outings: 113
Media interviews: 591 
Meetings with foreign leaders: 131

Days until the 2017 presidential inauguration:  1460

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CenTexTim said...

Boy do you know how to ruin MLK day...

kerrcarto said...

Don't forget the beer summit. No, not that one. This one!

CenTexTim said...

Maybe we should invite him to the next Blownstar. That'd be one hell of a beer summit.

kerrcarto said...

That would be one helluva ass whooping