January 9, 2013

Diploma Day

Today Boom gets her IB Diploma.  While she, and her senior class, graduated the old fashioned way back in June, the IB testing calendar doesn't mirror a traditional school calendar.  Students don't get their test results, and know whether they earned the diploma, until July of each year.  Boom's school holds a ceremony to award the diplomas while most of the kids are still home from college in January.

I am looking forward to seeing the collective group of kids again.  I have kept up with several of them via Boom and/or their parents - but the snarky and curious side of me is waiting to see and hear the things that people don't say, like who has gained the famous Freshman Fifteen, or who isn't headed back this semester.

Boom has been refreshingly candid about her first semester experience.  Rather than offering ambiguous pleasantries when asked how school is going, she has used phrases like 'learning experience' and 'looking forward to doing better next semester'. 

So far, I have heard nothing but raves about little Johnny and Janie being straight-A college students from the parents, and I can't help but wonder if Boom will come home with the same story after a day with her former classmates.

After the ceremony, the college freshman spend an hour with the high school seniors - answering questions, sharing stories about their college experience so far.  Of all the things the school does to prepare kids for college, this is among my favorite.  I wish 19-year old me could have visited with 18-year old me and saved me some heartache.

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CenTexTim said...

If you were like me, 18-year-old you wouldn't have listened.