January 30, 2013

Democratic Voter Expansion Act*

*Title swiped from Keith Koffler at White House Dossier.

Someone in the Dimocratic party figured out that neither of the two likely candidates for president in 2016 is half-black.  Hillary might be married to the first black president, but she's uptight enough to register near zero on the black voter scale.  And Joe, well, they don't come much whiter than Joe.

Without the black voter base, the Dims need voters, enter "immigration reform".  Note the lack of proposed provisions to encourage lawful immigration in either bill that is being touted.  Most of the proposed legislation primarily seeks to grant legal status to people that are already here (having broken numerous laws along the way).  Blowie calls it "Earned Citizenship".  I shit you not.

There are an estimated 11 million illegals in the USA, a large percentage of them have birthed anchor children, are receiving food stamps, WIC, free school lunches, college financial aid, and HUD housing, along with all the other things afforded to legal, tax paying Americans.  They have homes, jobs, specialized grocery stores, and their own churches.  They aren't exactly a shadow population anymore.

So the Dims are going to push a plan that will take all those people that are already feeding at the government trough, and grant them a vote.   It's genius, I tell you.

And Blowie is smart enough not to stem the flow of possible voters:
Obama's speech, and a separate fact sheet handed out by the White House, made clear that the administration does not want to link the path to citizenship to border enforcement.
I think we should just call it what it is, the Democratic Voter Expansion Act of 2013. 

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CenTexTim said...

The dems don't need additional illegal voters. The ones they've got now already vote multiple times.