January 6, 2013

CFL Zombie Apocalypse

It might not be an actual zombie apocalypse, but it looks like one...CFL's make people look like zombies.  There are three 'shades' of the CFL apocalypse, harsh washout white, rotting pumpkin orange, and classic zombie green.  We might be living, but we look like the walking dead. 

I hate CFL light - I once found a 'shade' of light that was acceptable, and replaced the eight (!) living room bulbs at once.  I follow all the rules...they are bottom down fixtures, I bought instant-on bulbs, they aren't turned off and on a bunch.  I have replaced all of them at one point or another, some of them twice, over the past four years.  Not hardly the lifespan promised.

They get dimmer and dimmer each month.  And when they go out, I throw them in the trash.  No schlepping them to the Depot or Lowe's for disposal, no sealing them in plastic bags.  If the government cares so much about the environment and health, then give me back my non-toxic incandescents.

Yesterday I bought a small stockpile of incandescents.  There weren't many left to choose from, and what I did buy, I bought in large quantities.  I was interested in buying some LED bulbs, as I like the light they produce much better than fluorescent light.  I was prepared to pay more for the bulbs as long as I liked the light and the bulb was appropriately sized for the fixtures I had in mind.  A 20 watt equivalent LED bulb was priced at $15, and they went up from there.  To replace the bulbs in my bathroom fixtures with comparable wattage would have cost me nearly $400.  And I don't have $400 to wager on the promise that those bulbs are going to last 20 times longer than traditional bulbs and save me hundreds in electricity costs. 

Is there government assistance for light bulb purchases?  How in the world does the government think that the 47.5 million people receiving food stamps are going to be able to afford light to eat that taxpayer-funded food with? 


InsomniacSeeker said...

I've been stockpiling incandescent bulbs for a while now. I even picked up a bunch when I was in Nevada on vacation back in October - great price on them. It's the whole principle of the thing that makes me stockpile.

CenTexTim said...

obamabulbs ... just like obamaphones

kerrcarto said...

Damnit, CenTex beat me to it!