January 17, 2013

Calling Godwin's Law on myself

Those people that do the Hitler videos should do one of Obama announcing his 23 executive mandates, at least there might be some humor to be found if they were presented in that medium.  There are startling similarities between our president pictured with children, and with his superiority complex, that make me vomit a little each time I see the side by side comparisons with the propaganda posters of Nazi Germany.

I don't have anything new to add to the gun control debate.  I am against it.  I believe that gun ownership is Constitutionally protected and guaranteed, and with all other things Constitutional, I think that right should be unimpeded and unregulated unless and until, like all other litmus tests for our rights, the exercising of my rights somehow infringes on yours.

As a conservative in the political realm, I suppose I am expected to cling bitterly to my guns and Bible.  Clinging, yes.  Bitterly?  Well, I don't think so.  I believe it is a responsibility, and a Constitutionally guaranteed right.  I think it is the other side that is bitter about it.

What disturbs me most, are the changes to our societal foundation.  If people won't resist this, what else will we witness in our lifetimes?  What freedoms have quietly eroded to bring us to the point where this president thinks he single-handedly has the power to ordain changes to our foundational principals? 

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kerrcarto said...

Like the morning radioi DJ here said.

If I want to hunt hogs on my land with an M1 Abrams and I can afford to, I should be able too.

Plus it would be AWESOME fun!