January 8, 2013

Banning transparency

The self-proclaimed most transparent administration in the history of the world, has again tried to prevent  some hack photographer's right to publish photographs taken in a public place.

You might remember the not-so-surprising scrubbing of the internet that took place when pictures of first daughter Malia on a class trip to Mexico were posted, and then quickly disappeared from the Gorenet.

Someone needs to, again, remind the president that we have some rights about what can and cannot happen in public.  Our president has allowed for the American public to be videotaped, wiretapped, followed, photographed, and put on watch lists for things that we do in the bright light of day, for all to see.  The same president uses the strong arm of the Secret Service to prevent photographers from releasing pictures of his daughters walking along a public beach.  On a vacation paid for by the American taxpayers.

I don't want, or need, to see pictures of the lavish lifestyle my tax dollars fund for the Obama family, as they vacation on the beaches of Hawaii.  I don't care much, in general, for paparazzi shots to begin with.  This particular photog was actually lying in wait for Jessica Simpson - yet I doubt the Secret Service would have threatened him about publishing any photos of her - though one could easily argue that a pregnant woman deserves an extra measure of consideration, no matter the level of celebrity involved.

It's not about the standard, in my book, it is about the double-standard.  There was no White House arm twisting to shelve shots of grief-stricken children in Newtown, but a picture of Obama's healthy teenage daughters on the beach gets agent intimidation and an official threat letter.

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CenTexTim said...

I don't think there's any actual law against publishing those pix, just official disapproval and intimidation. I wonder what would happen if any outlet had the cojones to publish them.

It's not as if barry and the mooch don't use those poor kids as props whenever it suits their political purposes.