January 13, 2013

Back to college

Boom headed back to college this morning.  I was up early, making some cookies and things for her to take back, trying to ease the shock of going cold turkey after a month of home-cooked meals.  She procrastinated a bit, delaying the inevitable.  She's a great kid, family oriented, so she isn't one of those that is itching to get back to the college social scene.

She made it almost 70 miles before she called about something semi-important that she forgot to pack.  Kind of a convenient way to make sure she gets a care package first thing - what kind of mom would I be if I didn't send a little something fun in the box?

I think it is funny, some of the little quirks of being in the Corps of Cadets.  They have to switch roommates for the new semester, which caused no small amount of complaining about the various possibilities.  Whoever that roommate ends up being, she and Boom have earned the privilege of having carpet in their dorm room.  One piece of carpet, 16 inches by 16 inches.  (Everything is equated to their grad class year, 2016).  I offered to cut a piece of remnant that is in our attic, but apparently there is some expectation of buying a perfectly good bath mat and cutting it down to size.

I just recently heard that Parent's Weekend is a Big Deal (more so for Corps kids for some reason).  Validating that fact is that hotel rooms are almost fully booked (for mid-April)  and at premium rates - even higher than home football weekends.  Note to any future A&M parents (CenTexTim), look at a calendar, look at the athletic schedule, and book everything you might want a room for, now.

Boom's outfit might come to town during the Fort Worth Stock Show in a couple of weeks.  Otherwise, it will be March before we see her again.  There are thousands of articles about seeing your kids off to college in the fall, but not much written on the jolt that comes when they head back after the first Christmas break.  It doesn't seem much easier today, than it was last August.

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CenTexTim said...

Thanks for the heads-up. We have friends in the vicinity (about 50 miles away) so we may crash with them.