December 9, 2012

The Obligatory Johnny Heismanziel Post

Full disclosure: I am an avid football fan and my daughter attends Texas A&M University.

Johnny Manziel, redshirt freshman quarterback, won the Heisman Trophy.  Whoop!

I am proud that a kid from Tyler and Kerrville, Texas, had a record-breaking year.  I am nothing more than an armchair analyst, but I have watched a lot of football in my day and have never seen anyone else play quite the way Johnny Football does.

I applaud the other players that were in contention.  What a great season each of you had.  I hope that each of you goes on to achieve your dreams - whatever they may be (as long as they don't include playing for the Dallas Cowboys - I just can't get behind you on that!).

I understand and support the fact that everyone is entitled to their opinion and the right to voice it.  I do hope that certain members of my family can back off their ugly comments about the character of both JFF and those that support him, remembering that glass houses thing.

Way to go Johnny!  You have done your state, school, team and family proud.

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CenTexTim said...

Moving beyond football, I've been very impressed with his poise and composure. As for any character issues, IMO he's done as well or better than most teenage boys who have fame and fortune thrust upon them. Heck, when I was his age I was drinking all the beer I could get my hands on and trying my damnedest to score with any chick, much less the cheerleaders.