December 12, 2012

Quirks or Perks

Whited has a post up, claiming that a messy desk and sorting of Skittles earns one the title of 'strange'.

I sort Skittles.  Unlike Whited's example, I am a traditional Skittles flavor-eater.  I sort them into little piles of yellow, green, orange, red, and purple.  That is also the order I eat them in. 

When I was a kid, I ate the topping off my pizza and then the crust.  I consumed all of the piece, just in layers.  The Princess does that now.

Though I lack much superstition, when walking, I will make a bit of an effort to avoid significant cracks in the pavement - thus saving my mother a broken back.

I cannot sit or stand under things hanging from the ceiling - light fixtures, pot racks, open ductwork, etc.  Unless I took part in the engineering and hanging of said object.

I am afraid of bridges over land, but am not bothered by bridges over water.

I can't read a heartfelt greeting card.  I love funny cards, but balk at the serious ones.  If it has butterflies, hearts,glitter, fancy fonts, and/or flowery language, I do my best to pretend to read it - I just can't read it.  It gives me a feeling akin to what it must feel like to see one's parents having sex.  Ick.  Just can't do it.

I suppose I could reflect on these idiosyncrasies and draw several different conclusions, most of which would require psychoanalysis to sort through.  I choose to be optimistic and congratulate myself on having such a keen sense of self awareness. 


Titan Mk6B said...

My name is Steve and I am a Skittles sorter.

CenTexTim said...

That explains a lot...

KatWA55 said...

I must confess that I sort my washrags by color. I also obsess over rotating my towels. I do believe it's important to play with your food as well so if I had some Skittles I'd sort 'em.