December 15, 2012


I don't have adequate words to express the many emotions I have in relation to the horrific massacre of innocent children that took place in Connecticut.

I did what many parents probably did yesterday - I hugged my kids hard and often, told them how much I loved them, thanked God for them, all the while having the knowledge that there were parents in Connecticut that would never get to do that with their children again.  The pain they are feeling is unimaginable.

We don't even know the names of all the victims yet, but some have already sought to make this tragedy about so many other things than what it should be right now.  There is nothing more important than loving these families through this time.  Families have lost their loved ones, many of them precious children.  Surviving children were subjected to unspeakable horror.  A community is shattered.  Our nation is heartbroken.

I don't know anyone in Connecticut, I have no indication that there is any direct connection from my family to any of those affected by this massacre.  But I feel the loss as if it were my own.  I grieve for each of the lives lost.  I pray that the families somehow find peace.