December 2, 2012

Harper Rules Football

As the regular college football season ends, I plan to get part of my Saturdays back, both for myself, and through the use/attention of my husband, who is in a perpetual football coma on the weekends.  It normally isn't so bad, but I think the lack of hockey this fall has caused his sports addiction to shift to a solid football diet.

Last night, watching the KSU vs t.u. game, I proposed a new rule.  After years of watching youth sports, I have seen my share of soccer goals and basketball points scored for the opposing team when the kids get confused and run and aim the wrong direction.  I think that if an opposing player intercepts the ball in the end zone, and is taken down in the end zone, that the other team gets a touchdown.  If he can intercept and get out of the end zone, then his team gets possession of the ball.  I don't have any particular argument to make, I just think it would be more exciting to watch the guy catch the ball and then try to get out of the melee of people trying to tackle him.  I think it would add a new element to the game, and defenders would really need to have some situational awareness to make the call on whether to catch the ball or not.

There was a call early in that game wherein an idiotic KSU player let go of the ball as he entered the end zone - let go of it in a macho, I just intercepted McCoy and walked it in, kind of a thing.  Problem was, the ball never broke the plane.  KSU ended up getting the ball on the half yard line, because the official had signaled a touchdown, so it was an inadvertent signal, instead of a touchback.  The play was reviewed for quite a bit before the ruling.  I think it would have been more fun if the official had trotted out on the field, announced that it was NOT a touchdown, the call was inadvertent, and then tossed a ball in the air and let the teams scramble from the sidelines to gain possession.

The lack of an exciting result to that call was offset by the reaction of Mack Brown on the sideline.  He was the best living, breathing illustration of the word "apoplectic" that I have ever seen.  I really thought he was going to stroke out right there.  Warmed my heart to see a good tantrum.  Kinda reminiscent of Spurrier's Florida days.  Football needs demonstrative coaches.

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