December 17, 2012

FOD T-213

There are places you just don't go when a tragedy strikes.  Things you don't do.  Statements you don't make.  Questions you don't ask.  There is always an insensitive jerk or two that exacerbates grief, but most grown people know how to act when death comes.

In bad situations we all have roles to play.  I will never forget the first time I had to tell one of my children that someone dear to them had died.  There is responsibility in the role, even as we too are grieving.

Barack Obama failed as a leader when he chose to bring up gun control right out of the gate.  Parents hadn't even been officially notified of the deaths of their children - the bodies weren't even positively identified, when the president took the podium and vowed to take "meaningful action". 

The only meaningful action that should be taken in the days immediately after a tragedy, is to comfort the families.  The president should unite our country in times of national tragedy and grief, not divide.  Our nation wants to gather together behind the residents of Newtown, not stand divided by the cries for gun control.

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