December 11, 2012

Drunk Cowboys

Early Saturday morning, Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent drove drunk and killed his friend and teammate, Jerry Brown.

It doesn't take a forensic investigation, toxicology results or an autopsy to figure out that a one car accident at 2::30 am, after leaving a club, had something to do with alcohol and poor judgement.

Go ahead and call me a racist now, as I dive into this.

Brent and Brown were leaving a private club within a club, 'Privae' - one of those 'you have to be somebody' to get upstairs places.  Some crass, materialistic, name-dropping woman named Kimesha Jackson has the title of 'promoter/event coordinator' for the club.  She frequently tweets about who and how many NBA and NFL players are in the club.  She also, conveniently for this police investigation, tweets about what and how much everyone is drinking.  Armand de Brignac 'Ace of Spades' champagne is apparently some sort of drinking status symbol, and Privae claims to sell so much that they can't keep it in stock. 

The night/morning of the accident, she sent out a tweet claiming that 12 Cowboys were in the building, followed by a tweeted commentary on how much 'Ace' 'these fools' were buying.

So who were the other 10 players?  And what has the team done to make sure that this sort of thing doesn't happen again?

As has been mentioned in nearly every article about this tragic situation, the NFL provides a free ride program.  That seems to be where any acknowledgement, pro-action, or discipline related to alcohol consumption ends. 

Remember when athletes were role models?  When, even if they weren't what they appeared to be, the coach, team, and ownership demanded a certain level of decorum and had clear expectations (and consequences) for player's behavior? 

I have no tolerance for drunk drivers.  It is all the more infuriating when the victims and perpetrators are people with every means of getting alternate transportation, and people who squander their God-given talent and opportunities for a night of partying.

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