December 27, 2012

David Gregory, law breaker

I am sure you have seen by now, the still shots of NBC's David Gregory waving around an empty 30 round magazine.

And, you have probably heard that he might have broken one of Washington D.C.'s gun control laws by possessing that magazine.  Don't kid yourself, that wasn't Gregory's magazine.  And though the police are 'investigating', I would bet that there is someone smart enough at NBC (giggle) to go to the prop department and dig out a reasonable facsimile of the same item and present it to the cops as what was shown on the teevee.  If not, then they deserve what's coming to them.  I am sure that the blame will fall firmly on some staff wonk's shoulders, as a venerable journalist such as Mr. Gregory would never push the envelope trying to politicize a gun control issue in the wake of a national tragedy/mass shooting.  (I know, I am full of laughs today).

Has it occurred to anyone at the DC police, NBC News, or any other news outlet gleefully covering the story, that maybe their time would be better spent figuring out how to get the high capacity magazines and shooty things away from people that shouldn't have them, rather than focusing on the guy with an empty magazine and no weapon who clearly never intends to soil his creamy white hands with a firearm?

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