December 20, 2012

Christmas Conundrum

I started my new job at the end of October.  While I was acquainted with the president of the company and his office manager for several years before taking the job, the rest of the employees were strangers to me when I hired on.

I have acclimated to my office mates, and enjoy their company - but it seems a little too soon to delve into serious gifting.  My normal go-to casual gift of choice would be a food item, as we have managed to squeeze in some baking and confection-making time over the past few days. 

Unfortunately, one of my co-workers is on a militant diet.  Giving her food seems insensitive. Giving her something else different than what I may give to everyone else something else seems discriminatory.  Oh, not really, it just sounds like more trouble than it is worth and I have enough on my plate right now. 

I am not well versed in who likes what and if there are any significant dislikes or allergies.  I really don't know anyone well enough to give them something any more thoughtful than a bucket of sugary goodness, so it will either be the insensitive food route or nothing at all.

We have been getting tons of food gifts from vendors - and office policy is to put it out for all to share.  Lordy, the treats we have piling up in the kitchen.  Even that has created hard feelings as someone absconded with the December jelly of the month and an entire package of spiced pecans.  The concrete guys latched on to the jar of pistachios that was sent - note to self, bribe concrete guys with pistachios as needed.

Quite frankly, if everyone at the office stays as bitchy as they have been this week, they are going to get lumps of coal in their stocking, anyway, no matter what I think they deserve.  I have a theory about that.  I think that some people didn't get that toy they wanted when they were a kid, so they get angry during the holidays, though they probably don't even know why.  At least that is my theory about grumpy men at Christmas.  Us girls, we get stressed and pissed off because we have to do everything.  Every f'ing thing.

I gotta go wrap Crash's book for his class exchange, pack the unwrapped toy for The Princess's class collection, finish addressing Christmas cards, wrap a dozen or so things and make some spritz cookies while Mr. Harper enjoys his coffee...

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CenTexTim said...

Fruit, flowers, and/or small (i.e., cheap) potted plants for the co-workers. Carrot sticks for the bitch on a diet.

Give Mr. H a break. I'm sure he got up and got his second cup by himself, without asking you to get it for him...