November 21, 2012

Unions Suck

I am not the least bit surprised that Hostess (or the holding companies that own the name) decided to go out of business, rather than try to weather a union storm.  In all likelihood, another bakery conglomerate will buy the name and product recipes and Twinkies will line the shelves again - at least until Moochelle gets them outlawed. My money is on Bimbo Bakeries - the Mexican owned company that bought Texas' beloved Mrs. Baird's brand a few years back.  They will make the Twinkies and all will be right with the world, until they have a labor dispute...

Union-backed Wal-Mart employees have been protesting and threatening to strike on Black Friday.  I wish they would, so people would stay home instead of assault one another over a $10 Easy Bake oven.  Wal-Mart employees want more money, better schedules, and more affordable health care.  I guess they missed that Obamacare memo.

I have been knee deep in actions my company has to take as part of a settlement agreement over a union labor dispute.

The root of the labor suit was that a handful of union people used the first few minutes of their scheduled work day to con non-union employees into signing something that called for an organizational vote.  The guys thought they were signing up for future work notices, but the small print was about calling a union election.  When the non-union guys called the office to ask about it, and it was discovered that union employees were using work time for union business, one of my bosses shut down the job site for the day and docked everyone's pay accordingly.

But you can't do that to union employees.  They get a full day's pay.  They get per diem.  They get their money by a certain time each week, or you pay penalties.  If you lay them off or fire them, you have to pay all wages due before they leave the job that day.

The boss man probably would have settled down and paid everyone their full day's wages, if it weren't for the smarmy union guy that called to scold him.  When you call the union rep a mother f'er, your date in court is guaranteed.  Now I get to mail notices explaining that we were a bad, bad union suppressing company to every current and former employee.  The NLRB gets a copy of the notices (that they printed and sent to us, thanks taxpayers!). Notices have to be posted in prominent places to ensure the greatest amount of exposure.    I suggested the urinals. 

I wish Wal-Mart would stand firm - and I am not even a Wal-Mart fan, it is just the principle of the thing that bothers me.  I am sad to see an iconic brand like Hostess be sold off, but I am proud that they put the blame squarely on the union's shoulders.  

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InsomniacSeeker said...

I saw today where the majority of the people in the Walmart picket lines weren't even employees. Want to guess who they were??? Yes, they were union people walking in the picket line.