November 20, 2012

Tuesday humor

The internet has brought us an endless supply of fodder to fill the void once taken up by shows like 'Kids Say the Darndest Things'.  Now, when little Janie or Johnny say or do something cute, it is a sure bet that it will be noted on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter within the hour. 

One of the things my kids do to entertain me, is to regurgitate viral video monologues - The Princess does a dead-on imitation of Sweet Brown.  Today, I was both entertained and refreshed by having an actual conversation with an actual young person, in which he said something unexpected and hilarious.  Granted, he obviously had some adult help forming the opinion he expressed, but his delivery and commitment to the idea shone through any coaching.

This sweet 3-year old boy child visited me at work today.  His reputation preceded him, as his grandfather wears out the iPhone showing us pictures and videos of the boy and his adventures.  I had been encouraged to ask the boy what he was afraid of.  I was expecting some tough guy answer, since he is a daredevil.  I asked him, 'What are you scared of, B?'

His answer: 'Bitin' dogs, snakes, and fat women.'