November 2, 2012

The Sausage Sauna

And here you have it:
A Washington college said their non-discrimination policy prevents them from stopping a transgender man from exposing himself to young girls inside a women’s locker room, according to a group of concerned parents...
...Hacker said a 45-year-old male student, who dresses as a woman and goes by the name Colleen Francis, undressed and exposed his genitals on several occasions inside the woman’s locker room at Evergreen State College.

Students from nearby Olympia High School as well as children at a local swimming club share locker rooms with the college.

According to a police report, the mother of a 17-year-old girl complained after her daughter saw the transgender individual walking naked in the locker room. A female swim coach confronted the man sprawled out in a sauna exposing himself. She ordered him to leave and called police.

The coach later apologized when she discovered the man was transgendered but explained there were girls using the facility as young as six years old who weren’t used to seeing male genitals.

Did you catch that the coach 'later apologized'?  It should have read, 'Was forced to apologize to save all institutions involved a hefty, yet bullshit riddled, lawsuit over hurting the feelings of a drag queen'.

I am so done with this crap.  My daughters discontinued their membership in the Girl Scouts when the organization announced that they accept any person that 'presents themselves as a girl'.  Apparently, this 45-year old male could have passed the Girl Scout's admission requirement.  I will be the first to admit that the Boy Scouts have some giant and ugly skeletons in the closet, but at least they have taken steps to insure that those things don't happen anymore (though they really should have come up with a better name for having two adult leaders with kids at all times - 'two-deep leadership' is kind of creepy).

When the locker, bathroom or sauna door has a plaque that reads "WOMEN", it is a reasonable expectation that those spaces will be free from penises.  Women do not have penises.  Women are not born with penises.  I do not want to see genitalia that has had a penis lopped off to look female, but that would still be somewhat more acceptable than a penis wagging around the locker room. 

So I hope Colleen Francis' individual fees, psyche, and penchant for cross dressing outweigh the mental health, happiness, customer satisfaction, and revenue produced by those college, high school, and swimming club patrons that won't be hanging out at Evergreen until their non-discrimination policy changes and Colleen puts the sausage away.

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CenTexTim said...

Maybe the college should simply change the policy to redefine acceptable attire and behavior in the locker room, regardless of sexual perversion -- oops, make that persuasion.

Better yet, a bunch of women that use the locker room should take matters into their own hands (so to speak) and 'convince' Mr./Ms./Whatever Francis to observe proper decorum.

What a bunch of wackos...