November 23, 2012

The Madness Begins

I have to admit to being woefully unprepared for this holiday season.  It didn't occur to me until Boom got home, how many things needed to happen TODAY, for her to be able to take part in our Christmas traditions.  She has to head back to school tomorrow, so the tree trimming is an absolute must happen - there is no waiting until she is home for the semester. 

Usually, each member of the family signs their own name to our Christmas cards, a trick I picked up from a friend several years ago, which has saved me a Carpal Tunnel relapse.  We could wait for that, I suppose.  Otherwise, I need to run out today in the Black Friday madness to find some cards.  I am sure Boom will appreciate coming home from finals week and being faced with a stack of cards to sign.

I can't think of a single store-bought item that would be worth camping out for on Thanksgiving.  I haven't waited in line for something overnight since high school - and camping out for concert tickets was more of an all-night party than a waiting game.

There are a few things that are on sale at impressive discounts, even a few that are on my shopping list.  If they still happen to be in stock when I make it to the big box discounter, I will save some dough, otherwise, I will have saved my sanity by shopping online and spending time with my family.

Mr H and I were all geared up for a serious family discussion of wish lists versus budgets, and planned to open the kid's eyes as to the costs of what they were asking for versus what is a reasonable holiday expense for our family.  The kids worked on their lists for several hours, they poured over the store circulars and clicked around Amazon checking release dates and other info.  I made them print out their lists and pencil in the prices next to each item.  We sat down for the Big Talk.

All four kids had amazingly reasonable lists, there was no lecturing required.  Of course, Crash was a little out there, but he writes down EVERYTHING.  It is my excuse for not rushing into the room each time he sees something on television - I tell him to put it on his Christmas list (until December 26th, when I tell him to put it on his birthday list).  When we asked the kids what they thought would be a reasonable budget, they had a good answer and had already made the correlation that whatever they said individually was multiplied times four for the parents.  Maybe Obama should spend some time with my kids.


CenTexTim said...

"Maybe Obama should spend some time with my kids."

Is the purpose educational or punitive? If punitive, I suggest he spend some time with my kids instead.

During Thanksgiving dinner we talked with the adults -- no, make that the parents -- in the extended family. This Christmas we're going with the Chinese Christmas approach. Or maybe it's the White Elephant approach.

Whatever it's called, the idea is that everyone buys one present, and then there's some sort of rotating choice where you have your pick of the remaining presents, or alternatively you can choose one that someone else has already selected. I'm not sure exactly how it works,, but the women are planning it, and I'm sure they'll explain it in excruciating detail to the rest of us.

InsomniacSeeker said...

Our family decided to do the White Elephant approach, too. The only rule set up was $$ to spend on it. They didn't specify nice or gag gift, just nothing nasty, as the families with kids are church going folks, and I'm the only heathen in the family. I will tell you to be prepared for hurt feelings by someone, because inevitably someone will bring a crappy present just because they can and someone who can't take a joke will end up with it. It's happened every time I've been at one of these things.

CenTexTim said...

IS - thanks for the tip. I'll probably buy an extra gift or two as consolation prizes for anyone who feels like they got stiffed.