November 29, 2012

The Gambler

I got sucked in to the whole Powerball thing yesterday.  Even as I tried to explain that the pot was huge because so many people were buying tickets, thus decreasing the already astronomical odds of winning, I was handing over my cash to buy into an office pool of numbers.

Our office manager had recently watched a documentary of some sort about lotteries, and took all steps necessary to head off any potential lawsuits and hurt feelings in the event that we win.  No hidden tickets or claims of one ticket bought for personal use and the others bought for the group pool.

I haven't checked the numbers yet...I need to dig through my stack of work and find the printout.

As I told my co-workers, that sum of money would make me the happiest if I could give it away to people I know and love, to make their lives easier.  I know people get greedy and stupid, which supports my belief that keeping just enough to invest and live comfortably on is the way to go, and then make it rain.

If you don't find me back here tomorrow, I might just be busy, picking up that giant check!

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