November 18, 2012

Pardon the interruption

Sorry to be away so long, camped out for that Twilight finale movie...

Nah, not really.

We were traveling this weekend, off to visit Boom and take in a football game and military appreciation weekend festivities.  At the beginning of Boom's Pass and Review, there was a somber moment of silence for the veteran's lives lost this week in Midland, Texas.  That, coupled with the recently re-elected leadership in our country, the obvious issues among some senior military brass, and the unrest in old and new locations amplified the maternal concern instinct when faced with all those fresh faced young people in uniform, preparing to serve their country.

Home now and faced with a mountain of laundry, as I offered to take what Boom was stockpiling in preparation for Thanksgiving break.  She isn't home until Wednesday night and then has to be back to school by Saturday, so I opted to take the duffel of dirty stuff and start chipping away at it, rather than run a 24 hour laundry service in between turkey basting. 

I had intended to blog from the road, but iPads and Blogger just don't seem to get along.  It is a pain in the ass, and one I wasn't up to fighting this weekend.  Crash and car rides are stereotypical "are we there yet" adventures.  I love that little guy, but, sheesh, can he talk. 

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