November 3, 2012

Opening Weekend

As I sit here in the warmth and comfort of my home, thousands of Texans are trudging through the early morning darkness, deer rifles in hand, celebrating the annual testosterone-filled camaraderie of the season.  While many women in Texas hunt, it is a number significantly south of the male deer blind population, meaning a mini economic boom at malls across the state this weekend.

Yesterday morning my office parking lot and the street in front of our building was lined with trucks and trailers, loaded with 4-wheelers, coolers, and a collective arsenal that would rival the military power of many small countries.  They all ducked out early, and I expect they will drag in late on Monday with wild tales, huddled around cell phone cameras to view the photos.

As the deer hunters left town yesterday afternoon, the late arriving NASCAR crowd was sharing the highway.  I can tell you that the fall races at Texas Motor Speedway present quite the conundrum for many, and it looks like deer hunting won out in my part of the world.  No worries, though, it looked like the imported crowd was taking up any noticeable slack - if the liquor store parking lot is any indication. 


Anonymous said...

Years ago, traveling from the metroplex to West Texas the day before the season opened, I was tooling along at about 80. Got passed by a jeep load of camouflage dressed men going 100 MPH or more. A few miles later the jeep was parked in front of a liquor store. From that day on I did not travel on opening day of deer season!

kerrcarto said...

Yup, the assholes from Houston descended on my beautiful Hill Country this weekend to shoot their over priced white tail bucks.