November 6, 2012


No matter what the election results turn out to be, Obama is racking up 'lasts'.  He claims that if he loses, he won't run in 2016 - and that is about the only thing that has come out of his mouth that I believe.  The narcissist in him wouldn't let him.  If he loses, I see sort of an Al Gore reclusiveness setting in for a time.

So, everything leading up to this point regarding the campaign has been a 'last'.
“This is my last debate prep practice,” he said at Camp David.
“This is my last walk-through,” he said, touring a debate stage.
“This is my last debate,” he said after squaring off a third time with Mitt Romney.
Even if he, God Forbid!, wins, it will be the last time he wins the presidency.  It will be the last term he serves.  It will be the last time anyone votes for him.

I think the idea of 'lasts' may be a coping mechanism for another Obama term, but I am still hopeful, prayerful, and cautiously optimistic that I will instead be counting more significant Obama 'lasts' much sooner.

The one thing I am pessimistic about is the election results timeline.  I harbor no hope that there will be a decisive victory before my bedtime tonight.  If there is, I would think it would be one pointing to 'firsts' - those of a Romney administration.

Vote cast.  Fingers crossed.

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"Vote cast. Fingers crossed. "