November 14, 2012


Here is my brief, sure to be unpopular, commentary on the whole Petraeus/Broadwell/Kelly/Shirtless FBI agent circus.

First, the media has failed us by not demanding and publishing said shirtless photos.

Second, I know a great many military members.  Though I was never in uniform myself, I was an Air Force brat and then an Army wife - which might even give me a more qualified perspective on the things (stories, sensitive information) that officers bring home with them.

Most of the people I know that are in the military, or support the military, or work within the military community are just like the stereotype - brave, heroic, integrity-filled folks who sacrifice their comfort and safety for ours.

There are bad apples.  There are great military leaders that are shitty people.  Cheaters, abusers, losers - just like in the 'real' world.  Unfortunately, the military machine tends to shield those people to whatever extent it can, in many cases.

The military reflects the rest of the world.  If it happens in the civilian world, it happens in the military.  For every ridiculous, embarrassing, damaging Petraeus-type story, there are a dozen we won't ever hear about. 

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