November 15, 2012

Grecian Obama

Old Barack is young again, at least he looks it:

Left, Obama on November 5th.  Right, November 14.

In what could arguably be a marketing bonanza for Grecian Formula, Obama's pre-election salt and peppa is now restored to a glossy ebony.

I realize it is idiotic, but I really want to know who, why and how the Obama campaign decided that there was traction to be gained by having Obama look old.  Did they do some polling?  Did they read something about how Romney's gray made him look wiser and more distinguished?  Was it a matter of any press is good press, since there were several of the inevitable 'how the presidency ages' photo arrays and stories?

I am even entertaining a theory that Obama is actually back to his natural color.  I can picture him having the gray dabbled in, as Michelle and his aides stand around assessing the look, directing the hair stylist where to add spot or two. 

I can barely think about those arrogant and crass people occupying the White House without throwing up a little bit.

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