November 12, 2012

FOD Golfing Pool Edition

Newly re-elected and newly smug, the president hit the links last week.  Never mind that 150,000+ people still don't have power.  Never mind those living in tents, or in filth, or struggling to make sense of what Sandy has done to them.  Never mind that they are still finding bodies.

Ignore that the CIA director just 'resigned', that Clinton, Geithner, and Carney are on the way out.

Don't pay any attention to those little rocket Syria and Israel are shooting at each other.

Fiscal cliff?  What fiscal cliff?  Let's golf!

Anyone care to make a wager as to what the final count will be, come 2017?  How many rounds of golf can one man play in a two-term presidency?
With the election over and his golfing no longer a potential political liability, President Obama returned to the fairways today, playing for the 105th time of his presidency but only the 13th time this year. 
I will make a scientific guess, based on mathematical history and personal opinion.  Throw out the 13 rounds from this year.  Clearly, Koffler nails it when he says:
Obama has always found time to golf, no matter the demands of the presidency. It is unlikely that he couldn’t find any time to play during the campaign. More likely, his political advisers had determined that a president attacking Mitt Romney as an out-of-touch rich guy who is a tool of the wealthy could ill afford to have Obama constantly on the golf course.
So, 105 minus 13 equals 92 rounds of golf played the first three years of his presidency, averaging 30.67 rounds per year.  He is all in now, and I am sure that Moochelle is in full 'take advantage of the free vacations while we can' mode, so I will bet on a higher average for the rest of this year and throughout his second term.

My prediction is that he will hit the 240 mark. 

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