November 26, 2012

FOD 216

Golf count: 106 for the presidency, 14 this year (twice in two weeks, told ya he would ramp it up).

Why do we have a second inauguration ceremony?  Considering the cost, and the state of the economy, wouldn't it make more sense to quietly administer the Oath of Office, televise it if you must, and move on?

The 2009 festivities topped out at $170 million.  While the taxpayers don't foot the entire bill, we do pay for a hefty chunk of it:
The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies is responsible for the official swearing-in. Taxpayers pick up the tab for security and the costs connected to the ceremony on the west front of the Capitol, while Obama supporters cover various inaugural balls, concerts and parties.
Do the ceremony in the Oval, put it on Pay-Per-View and call it a day.

The White House isn't saying what the budget and fundraising targets are, but they are mulling over accepting corporate donations.  Blowie took the high and mighty road the first time around and wouldn't accept corporate donations, so as not to look like he could be bought.  But, certain Wall Street bigwigs were credited for bundling over $700 million for the inauguration.  Now, he's got nothing to lose, and us to screw for whatever he wants, so why not let all the corporate cronies pitch in?  At least we will know who is going to get some pork thrown their way.

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