November 10, 2012

Double Dipping

Is it just me or does this whole Petraeus thing stink to high heaven?

So, he got caught having an affair with his biographer.  Caught by the FBI.  And there, of course, is some ambiguous cover story about how and why the FBI 'stumbled on' this information, because, of course, they weren't actually directly investigating the leader of the CIA.  In fact, they were conducting some sort of investigation because it seemed that Petraeus might be a victim - though of what, they are not saying.

I am no expert on the three letter agencies, but I am not an idiot.  How does the CIA director get investigated by the FBI and no one at the CIA has an inkling about it?  One would think that the accounts, actions, and movement of the CIA director would be close hold.  If the FBI truly thought the CIA director was a victim of some sort of investigable incident, wouldn't protocol seem to be that they give the CIA a little head's up?

Now, I am no David Petraeus fan.  I like his wife, Holly, even less.  Does anyone believe that Petraeus quit over an affair?  Holly is an Obama campaign darling, and a member of the administration.  How big and bad does Benghazi-gate have to be for David and Holly to both take a hit?  Seriously, David could have resigned due to 'health' reasons or some other benign, yet easily faked and plausible excuse.  Dragging out the marital dirty laundry seems extreme.    

Maybe David was ready to talk and Obama wanted to shut him up.  I am anxious to see if Holly lasts at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or if she will slip quietly away in the near future.  Maybe someone else is covering their ass and let the proverbial cat out of the bag - though I have to believe it should be a little tough to blindside the leader of the CIA.

There has to be more to this story...

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kerrcarto said...

He is going top talk. The house said they will subpoena him. He will testify one way or the other.